Launched on 24th April 2018, IAB Europe’s GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework (Framework) has a simple objective – to help all parties in the digital advertising chain ensure that they comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation when processing personal data or accessing non-personal or personal data on user devices.

The Framework is particularly relevant for “first parties”, publishers and other suppliers of online services, who partner with “third parties” to enable those third parties to process user data on one of the legal bases laid down by the Regulation. The Framework standardises the capture of user consent for data processing and “signals” this information across the advertising supply chain. It is open-source, not-for-profit with consensus based industry governance led by IAB Europe with significant support from industry parties and technical support from IAB Tech Lab.

A key piece of the Framework is a unique registry of third-party data controllers, a Global Vendor List, on whose behalf consent may be requested by the first parties that have the direct interface with users.



Consent Management Provider JavaScript API v1.1

Available for market adoption on April 25, 2018.

Consent String and Global Vendor List format spec v1.1

Available for market adoption on April, 25 2018.

Transparency & Consent Framework - Implementation Guidelines

Available for market adoption on April, 25 2018.

pubvendors.json specification v1.0

Available for public comment on May 2, 2018 until June 1, 2018.

Mobile in-app specification v1.0

Available for public comment on May 2, 2018 until June 1, 2018.


Initially published on March 8, 2018. Revised on April 16, 2018. Available for download.

Presentation Slides

Published on March 8, 2018. Available for download.

Weekly Webinars

Register for our weekly webinars, taking place Fridays at 17:00 CEST.

Publishers Factsheet

Created in April 2018 for Publishers. Available for download.

Explanatory Video

Want to know how the Framework works, and why it was created? Watch this video to find out!

Global Vendor List & CMP Registration


The registration process is open for Vendors and Consent Management Providers (CMPs) to apply for approved status in the context of IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework.

The member registry of vendors and CMPs (known as the List) will facilitate adherence to the Framework policy, provide transparency into the ways companies intend to comply with GDPR requirements, and centralise participants into one well-known location. Publishers can then use the List to view which of their partners are participating in the Framework, and to determine which vendors to include in the transparency and consent user interfaces they decide to make available on their sites.

Registration is at and there are separate pages for vendors and CMPs to complete the required information. Once an application is received and approved by IAB Europe and an annual fee paid, vendors will be issued with an ID and published in the Framework. CMPs will receive an ID and sub-domain and then be listed here.

Global Vendor List Registration

Click here to register as a Global Vendor

CMP Registration

Click here to register as a CMP

List of registered CMPs

Click here to see the list of registered CMPs to date.

Transparency & Consent Framework Terms & Conditions

Click here to view the Terms & Conditions

Transparency & Consent Framework Policies

Click here to view the Transparency & Consent Framework Policies

List of registered vendors

Click here to view the registered vendors

CMP Demos

Take a look at CMP demos below.

CMP Demos




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In anticipation of coming transparency and user choice requirements in the European market, companies from across the digital media, advertising and analytics ecosystems have been collaborating on a Transparency & Consent Framework. Our collaboration has produced a framework that the undersigned companies intend to integrate and support in the marketplace in 2018.