IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework: Announcing The Publication Of The Vendor And Consent Management Provider Registration Guides

Further to our recent release of the GDPR compliance Transparency & Consent Framework for public comment, IAB Europe is pleased to announce that Vendors and Consent Management Providers (CMPs) that would like to register to participate in the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework can now view the relevant guidance documents.

  • See Vendor Registration Guide here
  • See CMP Registration Guide here.

These documents set out the series of questions that need to be completed for registration as either a Vendor or a CMP, and the verification process that will be used to determine if the applicant is eligible.

On completion of this process, Vendors will be assigned a Vendor ID and notified that they will be published in the Global Vendor List (GVL). CMPs will be assigned a CMP ID as well as a delegated sub-domain, and similarly notified and published in the CMP list. The Vendor/CMP web portal where registration can take place is due to go live imminently. If you have not already registered for updates, please register here.

Do you have any questions or feedback on the Transparency & Consent Framework? Email us at feedback@advertisingconsent.eu or join the webinar series. Take a look at the schedule and Register here.

To access more resources about IAB Europe’s GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework, please visit the website www.advertisingconsent.eu

IAB Europe Releases GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework For Public Comment

IAB Europe today released the draft technical specifications for its GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework (“Framework”) for public comment. First announced in November 2017, the Framework is a cross-industry effort to help publishers, technology vendors, agencies and advertisers meet the transparency and user choice requirements (including consent where necessary) of the GDPR before the regulation comes into effect on May 25 this year. The Framework is a non-commercial, open source initiative. The final version is scheduled for release mid-April, after continued consultation with publishers, advertisers, and other important industry participants.

The GDPR covers a broader scope of “personal data” than the existing EU Data Protection Directive, and companies are expecting to be more constrained in how they can access and process such data for advertising purposes. The Framework is available to companies based in Europe and around the world, and is designed to support various channels and formats, including mobile and desktop environments.

The Framework includes technical specifications that will allow companies and consumers to have greater control over, and dynamic insight into, the parties who access and process the personal data of consumers in the EU. The technical specifications will be maintained by an IAB Tech Lab working group going forward, through a collaboration between IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab that leverages IAB Europe’s policy and legal expertise and IAB Tech Lab’s technical expertise.

IAB Europe has published the draft specifications for public comment and is working to closely collaborate with key industry stakeholders including publishers, advertisers, agencies, and their important trade organisations. Organisations wishing to meet with stakeholders involved in the framework and provide feedback may do so until April 8, 2018.

Vital information for data protection leads within companies

Data protection officers, IT leaders and other interested individuals within publishers, brands, agencies and technology vendors responsible for their organisation’s GDPR compliance can access the specifications here.

General feedback may be submitted in writing to feedback@advertisingconsent.eu, and technical feedback may be submitted to transparencyframework@iabtechlab.com. Those interested have the opportunity to share further feedback and ask questions by participating in upcoming Q&A Webinars that will be scheduled during March 2018. See the webinar schedule and register here.

A Framework to ensure future growth of the global publishing industry

Advertising accounts for 81.5 percent of revenues for digital publishers (Source: IHS Markit). From May 25, publishers looking to provide a customized online experience including tailored advertising can use the Framework to allow data to be collected and processed lawfully by their partners for advertising and other purposes.

Without the Framework consumers will see less relevant online messages from brands, and brands will see less engagement from consumers. The resulting loss in advertising revenue would impact jobs within the publishing and digital advertising industries, and millions more in related sectors.

Commenting on the Framework, Colin Barlow, Global COO, GroupM said: “The GDPR will bring a number of new requirements to all participants in the digital advertising ecosystem. Such change requires a new shared industry standard, and the IAB Europe Framework offers the best solution to achieving this. GroupM has been consulting with IAB Europe and other members to ensure the framework meets our needs, and so that we can align to its requirements.”

For more information and updates on the proposed solution and its supporters, please visit the dedicated website at www.advertisingconsent.eu.